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Just thought we would set up an aircraft specific Facebook page for the Europa Aircraft. Its there to keep pilots and enthusiasts of the Europa Aircraft connected sharing build issues, events, social , videos and photos .

To join go to Facebook and type in Europa Aircraft Owners Group and you should find it 8) 8) 8) :D :D :D
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I used to have the same attitude until I joined the Stinson FB page.

It's been a completely positive experience leading to new friends and acquaintances around the world and access to a fantastic source of info.

Whilst completely agreeing with SF's reticence I would encourage you continue, as the benefits will outweigh the negatives.
Shoestring Flyer wrote:I am not a Europa owner but the thought occurs that a lot of people, me included, will not have anything to do with Facebook!

I am a Europa owner and like you have a complete distrust of Facebook, so you can always use the
matronics Europa site or the Europa club site to get up to date information if required,
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This is a difficult one for me. I like to keep up to date with everything Europa, but like some others, I have an inherent dislike of Facebook (and Twitter for that matter). As has been suggested, the Matronics Europa Forum is brilliant in all things Europa, and has a great search facility which has provided me with the solution to many a problem. I think this is the best source of all for building/maintenance information, but probably not for the "social" side of things

This got me thinking about the various Forums I frequent, mostly first thing of a morning, and then left alone for the rest of the day, as they can easily eat too much into daylight time available. My list in order is :

Matronics Daily e-mail digest from the Europa and AeroElectric lists
LAA Hangar Chat (sadly under-utilised)
PPRune Private Flying (not as busy or useful at it used to be)
Flyer Forum (best general information site)
Dynon Avionics (still learning on the Skyview)
RV-12 VAF Forum (my latest project)
Europa Club Website (occasionally)

They all provide useful information/enjoyment in varying degrees, but I fear if I join Facebook, another several minutes/hours will be eaten up early in the day. For these reasons I won't be joining, but hope any useful/relevant information will cross pollinate on the Forums I use.