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rikur_ wrote:I fly with one of the Leeds ATCOs and there's a suggestion that it would be easier to facilitate zone transits with a bigger zone, as the the current zone doesn't give much option for tactical traffic, and current procedures require a lot of ATC intervention, therefore controller time.

This is a very important point and one I think is possibly not very well understood.
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I have attended a couple of the public airspace meetings, LBIA require the extra space to bring traffic from the south inbound to R14, the northern part of there zone is too tight and inbound traffic regularly leaves controlled airspace to the north which could technically cause conflicts. The same applies to traffic from the north inbound to R32.

They also mentioned that the new profiles they have for departures and arrivals use a lot less fuel and this allows them to hit their targeted emissions figure (along with the airlines) and also it should be a lot quieter for the local area residents as it is routed better.

I have never been refused a zone transit through Leeds airspace. I do hear them refuse people who are a bit less experienced on the radio who like to mention they are going round to their mums house nr Barton for sunday lunch and the gravy is nice.

My advice is to be as precise / professional & efficient on the radio as you can.