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By Rob P
I just had to share the one from FB today of the instructor who decided his charge had reached the stage where he could handle a first solo.

After a few circuits they full stopped, he briefed the detail, climbed out the aircraft and started to walk to the clubhouse.

Glancing back over his shoulder he was fortunate enough to see the student climbing into the RH seat where he apparently believed the P1 always sat.

Rob P
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By Mike Charlie
Sort of understandable. My instructor with 11,000+hours always flies solo from the RH seat, has spent well over a year of his life there, not happy in LH seat. Certainly gets a second look if he's seen taxying in solo....!
By Maxthelion
Before my current steed, which you really could not fly solo from the passenger(back) seat, I learned to fly from either seat. It's not hard and I was happy to add flying ambidextrously to my reportoire. I did however wait until after my first solo to do it.
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By PeteSpencer
Bit of a scramble to reach fuel cock on LH footwell wall from RHS in the arrer but doable I guess if yer life depended on it..... :roll:

By Highland Park
On my next instructor hour for my biennial, I'm going to ask to do at least some of it (if not all of it) from the right hand seat of the Colt simply so that if, God forbid anything should happen to a syndicate member while they are flying and I'm the SLF, I know with a degree of confidence that I can land it from the right hand seat....

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By Rob P
I've flown the Colt from the RH Seat. I have to say the landing was even more of an arrival than my usual. :shock:

Rob P
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By buzzthetower
I flew my CT from the RHS many times as one of the rudder pedals snapped off on the P1 side and took ages to get fixed. My passengers loved being in the P1 seat! :D
By Cessna57
I'm not an instructor but was at an airfield when a student I knew well was being sent off first solo.

He took off as we all watched from the club house, we watched him climb out into what was meant to be a right hand circuit and promptly turn left.

He flew crosswind in the wrong direction for a good 10 seconds before turning 180 degrees and completing the circuit.

You should have seen the faces.. half of us were laughing so much we couldn't breath, the instructor and CFI couldn't breath for a completely different reason. :pale: :lol:

Mind you, I couldn't find Norwich, yes, NORWICH on my QXC !
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By flybymike
I couldn’t even find the airport I had just taken off from (Leeds) on my second solo circuit! (ATC gave me an orbit on the downwind leg which got me completely disorientated and sent me off cross country...,)
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