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By Flyin'Dutch'
Legend and leading light in UK Gliding and beyond.

Good innings!
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By ChampChump
Sad news indeed, if inevitable. His name appears on all sorts of film/tv credits, such as Wings, which I missed at the time but have enjoyed on DVD.

One fewer of the Greats.
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By ThePipster
I have the great privilege of having Derek’s name in my very early log books. I was pleased to meet Derek again last year at the human powered flight week at Sywell.

A true gent who touched the soul of GA.

A man with great talent but without ego or self importance.

Blue skies Derek

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By Rob L
I'm going to buck the trend and say it's not sad news. It is expected news. We are all going to end up dead. All of us. Derek Piggott was a great stalwart of the aviation community, but he was 96. That's all there is to it. Don't be sad about it.

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By neil9327
My father had him as an instructor at Lasham in the 1960's, and rated him very highly. I too had him for one flight in the 1980's when I was learning to fly K13s gliders there.
Sad news.
By NickS
I met him when, as a Scout in 1974, I spent a week at Lasham and he spent an evening entertaining us with stories of his film and aviation career. He had us spellbound with stories of deliberate crashes and of flying through fireballs hot enough to soften the layers of paint on the wings. He inspired me to return to Flying when I could but never to deliberately crash...
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By Kemble Pitts
How strange NickS, I have exactly that memory too from being an Air Scout on a week's gliding course in about 1974, sleeping in an old Dan-Air Comet 4.

I wonder how many other youngsters were spell-bound by Derek and his wonderful tales of flying and derring-do?

... and how many ended up in aviation as a result? Now that is a legacy to be proud of: to be an inspirational teacher.
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By davef77
Dave Phillips wrote::(

"Understanding Gliding" is one of my core reference books.


In my top 5, in terms of their influence on my flying. A great book early on in my learning.