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By PaulB
Has the change to 8.33 caused ground stations to have to replace their equipment and if so, was there an equivalent rebate system in place?

Just curious.....

Also, while the curiosity is still there, there are a number of ground stations that have not yet converted, yet we’re passed the 3/1/2019 deadline. I guess that there are various reasons for this. Do we know of any?
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By rikur_
1) Yes - but out old equipment can be cost effectively upgraded, so it will be back in use soon
2) Not that I'm aware of
3) Various reasons - frequency offset is a technical reason particularly for services that cover large areas; other reasons include simply at the RAF's request, as they haven't gone full 8.33 (e.g. I am told Tucanos are not 8.33 equipped)
By JodelDavo
What has caused a few issues is the amount of aircraft still calling us on the old frequency (which was different), including one that was given the old frequency by a radar unit as an emergency diversion .....! We even had a guy phone for PPR yesterday and ask for a non radio arrival because he still had a 25kHz radio.

1. New ground station required. Cost £££s

2. I think everyone has been converted or should have been by now.
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By Hawkwind
ATC units have not had any rebate scheme in place to change frequencies. Any costs would have to be passed on in (landing) fees, if of significance .

More modern digital ATC equipment is quite easy to change, but there is still a paperwork/training and introduction co-ordination+communication piece that has to be done (funded by the unit). The communication bit has unfortunately been exacerbated greatly by AIS refusal to accept NOTAMs of the changes as they occur (unless they consider you to be one of the biggest, most important airports).

We have had to turn away some financially useful visiting traffic over the last year (military), in order to uphold the requirement for pilot's not to utter on 25kHz radios; quite evident is that many pilots have still been contacting us using the old, incorrect frequency.
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By Talkdownman
mikehallam wrote:

Well, that's wrong for a start. Lasham on 126.655 is A/G only. How much else is wrong, I wonder.