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By phijip
Assuming for a minute that the UK will no longer be a member of the EU and also no longer be a member of the European customs union this April...

... is there any guidance out there yet from the authorities as to how GA flights from say France or Germany to the UK will / might work? I haven‘t seen anything so far...
Will sending a GAR still suffice? Will the leadtimes increase from 4 to 12 or 24 hours? Or will it (worst case) be necessary to enter only via customs designated airports? And what about outbound flights from the UK towards France, Germany, etc.?

No guidance that I could find (and I asked through UKBF, HMRC & Home Office). I decided they probably had other things to worry about, and that making waves would not bring about the desired result. Unless I hear otherwise I plan to do the same as now…we'll see…
Paul_Sengupta wrote:I think the "no deal" (on this subject) worst case situation would be 24 hours notice for both in and out wouldn't it?

As to what we end up with, who knows?!

I think that's right, the GAR form covers places outside the EU and CTA on that basis if memory serves me right. However in the absence of new rules I would operate on the basis GBLEW suggests.
In the no deal scenario the EU has already stated it intends to introduce a Visa Waver scheme for three years worth of unlimited entry costing a few £ so I guess at some point that waver is going to need to be checked. I expect we are going to be held to a more diligent standard when arriving in France than now. The same is true on the UK side where Immigration will want to check visa status on departure so I would expect to see outbound GAR requirements being introduced fairly early on.
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For flying to Europe we already have to enter via nominated customs aerodromes, so no change there.

It is the UK side that is under our own control, so it is up to the UK guvmint to decide whether we can continue with the existing in-bound to U.K process.

At the moment the only thing on the horizon is the possibilty of having to have a visa, just like we used to have pre EU days, similar to the Esta and process when going to the USA.
Full Metal Jackass wrote:The joy of holding dual nationalities..... :D :D :D

.. or, sometimes, peril: :roll:

Some countries do not recognise 'dual nationals', notably (from recent events) Iran and China. There are others whose Governments are known to expect members of their diaspora always to retain loyalty to their ancestral nation over the one in which their families have long settled and naturalised.

I have personal notional rights to at least 2 non-UK nationalities; I would rather the relevant Governments be not reminded of this .. :? Unfortunately, the at least 3 EU27 countries which would once have given me nationality on (distant) 'ancestral' grounds have during my lifetime considerably tightened their rules with the effect of excluding me.
Katamarino wrote:I'm still just relying on FlyingDutch adopting me so I can keep my employment that's based in the NL..!

Other service providers are available :D
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Joe Dell wrote:Isn't it true that the filing of a GAR is only a request from the authorities? It's not a Statutory requirement, so compliance is not mandatory? Non-compliance can result in little more than finger wagging?

I thought the requirement to inform was statutory, the method was not defined. (Isn't the NI/CI/IoM bits defined in the Terrorism Act?)
It IS a statutory requirement to notify the authorities prior to entering the country by air. If you are on a scheduled airliner or a private charter a/c, the carrier does this for you. If you are flying your own a/c that responsibility falls to you.

For the record, things are different if travelling on a boat.