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By Rob L
Joe Dell wrote:...I'm so much happier at hundreds of feet than I am at thousands. Does this happen to us all? Should I just resign myself to it? <snip>

I've never known anything else. PM on its way.
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By Dave Phillips
Waveflyer wrote:I've been through a lot of emotions when flying.

Boredom has never been one of them :bounce:

You need to try some elements of calibrating. How about commissioning an ILS glidepath? I spent two and a half a days doing that once; stopped counting after about 50 runs (12nm to 1nm maintaining 1000ft). :boohoo:
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By Trent772

Champ, 70kts, 500' - elbow out of the window waving at the Proletariat.

RV12, 100kts, 3,000' enjoying the view and sipping not too much Avgas.

RV7, 145kts, 8,000' thraping about, nattering clouds, going for a nice butty.

A330, Mach .82, FL390, Ding....... Tea - white no sugar please Honey :mrgreen:

Just saying..... :thumleft:
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By MichaelP
What a bad thread this is. Politically incorrect for the beginning of the year, and could lead to this forum being censored in Canada.

Sitting up there smoking fag after fag! Is this allowed?
I can see the worry of a fire and a long emergency descent as a reason for nervous ‘fag after fag’.
I take this in the British sense rather than the American one... Could be gun violence, also not a good idea in an aeroplane.

What comes first, fag followed by fire, fire followed by fag?

Chocolate melts in the sunshine, be careful of the stains.
Nature Valley Granola bars are far more healthy and don’t melt.

“Flue many times....” Is that an approved mod for fag smokers?

I was annoyed, really annoyed a few weeks ago.
Through not having a validation at the time, and still not being able to fly from my local airfield, I briefed a pilot and a friend of mine on flying to one of my favourite places, Mae Hong Son.
I go low, I use the ridges for free lift, and free increases in groundspeed. I look down on the jungle, on the villages, enjoy the topography.
I have my own approach, pick out the valley NE of MHS, descend from my usual 4,500 feet in that valley to 2,500 feet, set up for a slant downwind and base to swing in to 11 via the white Chedi on the mountain on my right.
The walk into town is via the centre of the town where the pond reflects the Burmese style Wat in a beautiful location.
The Fern restaurant is a good place to eat.
If you have time, stay a while, a night or three, unwind...

No, instead of this they flew high, 7,500 feet I was told, see nothing.
They walked on the main road from the airport to the junction and turned left to go to Fern... ‘Missed the pond altogether!
The experience was only a small percentage of what it should have been.

Mae Hong Son is a little like a tropical Switzerland, its code is VTCH.

Flying high is a good idea where it is appropriate.
I’ve enjoyed reading the high IFR trip reports on here, very interesting. But my preference is to see France, to see Switzerland, to see many historic and interesting places.
Revisited Hever Castle recently... Always something interesting on the ground to see in England... Catch a steam engine...
Fly high, might as well be in an airliner, cheaper and quicker (subject to real or imaginary drones).

Did Redhill to Exeter, climbing to 12,500 feet in a Jodel Excellence once. (G ATLB). The Mixture knob could have got in the way it was so far out. Interesting experience, but only did it once, lower is better. A lot to see on that route.

[If the fag is a ‘joint’ rather than tobacco then it will meet with Canadian approval].
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By Trent772
Aeronca Alan wrote:
RV12, 100kts, 3,000' enjoying the view and sipping not too much Avgas.

Your usual tipple?

No - no Carny mogas going in this one !

Usual tipple is a Bombay and Fever Tree. Gone are the days of "Chocktails" sadly, though I was asked by the Purser whether I would like the white or red with my lunch when we subbed for Air France a while ago :thumleft:
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By BoeingBoy
So you get bored in the cruise. Welcome to the world of the professional pilot. As I came to the end of my career I stopped looking out of the window altogether, and indeed one day made it all the way from Manchester to Cancun without once spending any time looking out other than as my eyes moved from one part of the flight deck to another. (Don't forget we're IFR and not under any obligation to 'look out').

Nowadays I enjoy doing the touring that I never got to do as a PPL. My wife and I love cruising along in the Archer at anything up to FL100 but after an hour or so I look out (Yes, I know I'm still IFR but this time I'm paying) and start thinking 'It's getting a bit like being at work' and start to get bored.

As others have said, there are lots of aviation avenues that prevent boredom but as we proceed from one field to another for the umpteenth time, and especially with all the on board toys available in the panel and in tablet form looking out just to enjoy the view wears off after a while.

It makes me smile when I see commercial school adverts showing fabulous skyscapes pushing 'The best office view in the world' to recruit customers. Believe me, when you've seen the sun rise over the Alps for thirty years all you can wonder at is how the hell you didn't crash the car getting into work having got up at 0300 for five consecutive days.
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