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By Joe Dell
I'm suffering more and more from it. The worst is droning along mile after mile above an expanse of cloud. Little to do but eat chocolate and smoke fag after fag.
VMC at height isn't much better.

I'm so much happier at hundreds of feet than I am at thousands. Does this happen to us all? Should I just resign myself to it? I'm toying with the idea of knitting while I fly.
Something simple, like a scarf. Yes?
By SamC
'The worst is droning along mile after mile ',........
Kind of why i fly mainly aerobatics. I have fond memories from a few years ago of bimbling along when my then 9 year old son turned to me and said
'Daddy, flying is acutally quite boring isn't it?'
now he's only interested in coming up and doing aero's with me.
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By James Chan
Being on top of cloud and sitting in sunshine is probably the best thing for me when it's all mucky and dark below.

If you get a faster cruiser then you can get where you want to be faster. Those Jet Provosts that take off would have probably ended up somewhere on the Med by the time I've started coasting across the English Channel.

Or get an aerobatics rating & plane so you can do a loop-the-loop and barrel roll en-route, where permitted, to relieve the boredom :-D
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By lobstaboy
I sometimes fly with a chap who has an aversion (but doesn't realise it) to flying higher than about 1200' agl. In a straight line, whatever is below. It gives me the willies. I end the flight stressed out from worrying about what to do when the engine stops...
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By Gertie
SamC wrote:my then 9 year old son turned to me and said 'Daddy, flying is acutally quite boring isn't it?'

Ours mostly went to sleep.

When older they'd only come flying if it got them where they wanted to go (usually a pub with their mates) faster. And then they'd go to sleep.
By SamC
'Ours mostly went to sleep.'

HaHa, I have a photo of mine asleep! We still do some bimbling - he likes a tiger moth and flying a cub with the doors open.
I like seeing things on the ground, especially if the towns and features of interest are marked on the map. One of the most boring flights I undertook in recent years was the first flight down to Bordeaux. "Get the 1 mil Cartebossy" they said. "Go at 4000-6000ft" they said. All standard forum advice at the time which isn't exactly wrong, that makes the flight easy...but it's a bit like an airline flight...with less comfortable seats!

Sure I got where I was going easily enough, but the flight didn't hold my interest. I really wanted to identify and have a closer look to the places I was passing on the way. My mind seems to be interested in geography, in knowing where I am, what towns and villages I'm passing, to map out in my head what there is below, to find places I've heard of and go "aha, so that's where it is". So on the way back I did my usual 2000-ish ft bimble and it was better. Mapping with more things of interest on would have been even better. :D

My altitude induced boredom at the moment is being at ground level... :?
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