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By PeteSpencer
Just heard from SD: 2 iThings/tablets and 2 PCs it is for simultaneous use on a personal subscription.:

No exceptions.

Peter :wink:
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By neilmurg
I did ask SD if they could add an option switch to the PC version that logged it out automatically, so that I didn't accidentally leave the clubhouse PC with my license logged in, but they didn't want to.
I don't think the system is abused where I fly, the charts are always in need of updating when I log in again, I just make sure I log out on leaving.
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By Charles Hunt
This has all gone too far, when the OP started using one it was suspicious, now he (she?) is using two..........his/her account has been hacked.
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By TheFarmer
Really? :shock:

It was a genuine question that helped me out on my way to Wales yesterday.

What with @Cub and @tomshep’s recent attacks, I’m not sure what to believe now. :?
By velostar
Using SD lite on devices being used for planning UK flights only doesn’t impact the paid-for instance.

One thing I would be truly grateful for from Tim would be the ability to save login name and password so it can be accessed using the finger print thing rather than typing literally everything. Most apps these days allow finger print passwords.
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By stevelup
You already can (on iOS at least) but there’s a little trick to make it work.

Go to and sign into the customer bit. Make sure your device has saved the password.

Now, in the SkyDemon app, when at the login prompt, tap on the password box, and the credentials you saved earlier on the website will be automatically populated once you authenticate with your finger/face.
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