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Work is GA and not CAT but I still need to fly more, purely for pleasure. For the first time since I’ve held my licence I’ve not flown a new type this year. :cry:

More new airports than usual which is good, some incredible flying in Norway, including going through 70N, the odd scare or two and the addition of the MEI rating.

More SEP time this year than last which is good news,. Also went through 50% of the total hours target I want to hit before hanging up my headset.

706:35 assuming the fog stops me flying tomorrow.
14.5 hours but that is more than the last 10 years put together so I am really happy with that.

I bought the X-air in March but didn't fly it until the 1st July, didn't go solo until the 16th November and have flown twice in the last week. Next flight is the GST.

I have also flown into 4 different farm strips.

Biggest achievement was today when the instructor cut the throttle near the field and I got into the field bang on the normal spot.
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I was going to type a big fat zero, but then I checked my logbook and remembered I logged 2 hours PUT in a Eurostar in February with a view to getting checked out on it to rent.

As it turns out, Perth is just too far from me to make it worthwhile, but a very nice little aeroplane nonetheless.

So that makes just 2 hours and one new type for me this year. :cry: Like others, a small child makes time and money scarce!

Unless I can find someone to share a Pulsar out of Cumbernauld with me next season will be worse... Any takers? (its very nice)

Happy New Year when it arrives :cheers: :drunken:

A couple of flights today has added to my total, nudging me just over 43hrs for the year.

For 2019 I'd love an invite to ride in a few different types .... E.G..... R.V., Sportcruiser, Cub, C182, Mooney, a twin would all be great just to name but a few.
I'd also like to go on a GA full IFR airways flight and follow the whole process from start to finish.

Any Takers? :pray: PM me please.