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I haven't totted up all my hours yet this year ( I really must get my log book up to date!) but I think I've flown about 25 hours this year, nearly all of which was aerobatics.
This year's highlights include winning the Sports level Nationals in my RV-8 shareoplane and flying a Pitts Special and a Tiger Moth for the first time, both of which were bucket list items for me. Like others here my young family is a colossal drain on my flying budget, but as they get older they'll get cheaper (at least temporarily) and I'll be able to fly more.
26 hours this year, all in my belovèd Stinson HW-75 "Cloud Hound".

Due to the low-lying nature of KHF my season didn't start until May and ended 31st Aug for permit renewal. So 26 in 4 months meant I felt very at home at the controls.

Furthermore, with the fantastic weather we had some memorable flights and if I could reduce the pixels would show you some highlights.

2019? Much more go places flying plus a trip to S'nF :thumleft:
41 hours for me this year which is the first time since 2006 I've hit above 40.
My hours have been slowly increasing per year as the kids have grown and parental duties decreased and I need to get in as much flying as possible NOW before any grandchildren arrive !!
Just over 250 for me. Met a whole host of lovely people training and testing, and delighted to have passed all but one unfortunate candidate first time. The good summer certainly helped the progress of many of the students and the club where I am CFI had a record year of achievements.

Looking back, the diversity of trainees and test candidates, in age, wealth, beliefs, sex etc was really great to see. For 2019, personally I am looking to complete my MEP instructor addition and I would really like to see us turn the corner on embedding GNSS use in training.