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My first Right Seat Solo flying in the Ikarus C 42
Well.. as part of learning flight instruction I have to switch seats. After being left seat PIC for my entire learning process... I now have to learn to fly Right seat. 
A real bit if brain flipping is required for a central stick controlled aircraft.
My entire flight learning has had me using left hand for throttle and  
flaps and my right hand for elevator/ailerons/trim.
The rudder pedals stay the same.  I think part of the difficultly in this contralateral controlling is that one of the main control surfaces still remains the same.
Anyhow it felt very daunting during the first few take offs/landings
but I have conquered the beast..... suddenly seems easy.
Don't get me wrong.... getting your left and right hand controls mirrored and not the rudders gets your control inputs fractions of a second slow which translates to a bit of slop.... but this with tighten out very quickly.... very exciting
This has been a bigger jump than my very first solo!!!
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