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By Graham56
December's AAIB has a report on a C42 main undercarriage failure. ... _12-18.pdf

The end of the report states:

"While other aircraft types, such as the Pietenpol Air Camper, have experienced issues with undercarriage rod end bearing failures, this was the first such Ikarus C42 incident notified to the aircraft type’s CAMO. The CAMO would continue to monitor component failure trends and would take action should rod end reliability become a cause for concern. "

I thought a CAMO was only for EASA types and that PtF Annex II types didn't have them.

What have I misunderstood?


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By tomshep
The rose joint carrier is rivetted into the drag tube. I have known one to be loose before and it was picked up by a BMAA inspector.
By patowalker
ak7274 wrote:The C42 isn't annexe II.
It's a factory built microlight.

All microlights were Annex II and are now Annex I.

However, the distributor
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