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By malcolmfrost
This comment from the AAIB report into the fatal accident to G-WAVS in January caught my eye:
The occupants of G-WAVS were not using a flight planning or mapping application. Although
such applications may not meet the requirements for certification as a terrain awareness
warning system, they can offer valuable situational awareness to a pilot of surrounding
higher ground when used appropriately.
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By Paul_Sengupta
We had this discussion on here when KNT-wassisname of this parish had a CFIT at night, thankfully without any fatalities.

It was also one of the discussion points of, IIRC, David Cockburn's safety evenings, where an aircraft had a CFIT in France I believe, where they flew up the wrong valley or some such thing.
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By Flyin'Dutch'
This terrible and totally avoidable fatality where a student was killed whilst flying with an experienced CFI puts pay to the notion that people with an IRR don't get killed.

And we also know where the advice on not flying outside your licence privileges comes from.

It appears there are too many people in aviation who are unable to reflect on their ability to undertake certain tasks in flying - that this leads to third parties being killed is unforgivable.

The sooner the full concept of 'the just culture' is accepted the better.

We need to learn from accidents, incidents and mishaps, but negligence deserves to be dealt with appropriately.

That is how we deal with it in other walks of transport/life. Why do some in aviation think that we should be different?
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By Jonzarno
The sooner the full concept of 'the just culture' is accepted the better.

I agree entirely: all too often “Just Culture” is something organisations print on their letter headings and then just ignore.
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By Rob P
I'm baffled by that incident. The instructor had done the trip dozens of times before, yet he was concerned about it.

He knew the viz would be dreadful, there was some form of gps on board, yet he elected not to use it.

You could have given the student a tablet and SkyDemon (other apps etc..) and he'd almost certainly have done a better job of it.

So much for the "Chart and compass every time" lobby.


Rob P
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By Balliol
There was a panel mount GPS fitted which was found switched on. Where are people deriving that he elected not to use it from?

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Balliol wrote:There was a Garmin 430 fitted which was found switched on. Where are people deriving that he elected not to use it from?

OOI, it doesn't say that in the report, just that it had a panel mounted GPS. It could have been an older BK or Garmin unit without a moving map (or you may know the aircraft and know that it had a moving map GPS).

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By Balliol
Ian - yes you are quite right I thought it was Garmin 430 from memory but I have amended as it could have been a KLN94 or such like
By malcolmfrost
I know I got stick for my SD and PAW saved my life, but this is a case where it is literally true (not the PAWbit).
Any current smartphone would have given a warning, even if it wasn’t actively being used for navigation. It really is time that the CAA mandated use.
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Paul_Sengupta wrote:Whichever it was, these things aren't really meant for VFR flying, although mapping has got better with the newer generation of IFR GPSs.

Even so they are very useful in giving you situational awareness.