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By pontrumlee
Does anybody have an "Aide Memoire" for Italian Radio Calls - Arrival and Departure for use at small airfields as I am going to a Fly Party in Italy soon and a Translation sheet would be very useful .

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By Grumpy One
Here's what I've got (Buit never used as even the small strips I visited spoke 'useful' English.

PLEASE bear in mind that this was written out for me 18 years ago by a Belgian florist !!
Also - the spellings (mine and the florist's) can't be guaranteed :clown: )
0 - Zero
1 - Uno
2 - Due
3 - Tre
4 - Quatro
5 - Cinque
6 - Sei
7 - Sette
8 - Otto
9 - Nove
100- Cento
1000- Mille
Decimal - Decimale

And there's more:_
I don't understand Italian - Non capisco l'Italiano
Say Again - Per favour ripetero
Speak Slowly - Lentamente

Traffic Area - Area di Traffico
Holding Point - Punto attesa
Line Up - Alliniamento
Initial Climb - Salita inniziale
Cross Wind - Contro base
Down Wind - Sotto vento
End of down wind - Fine del sottovento
Base leg entry - Base
Turning onto Final - Virata finale
Long final - Lungo finale
Final - Finale
Runway vacated - Pista libera

Loads more to go..../ Bored yet?
On the Ground
Request Taxi - Richiede il rullaggio
Request cross runway - Richiede l'attraversamento
Hold position - Mantenete la posizione
Holding position - Mantiene la posizione
Can you expedite taxi - Per favour accelerate il rulaggio
Give way to the... - Date la precedenze a …
Ready for take off - Pronto al decollo
Line up - Aluneamento
Lining up - Si allinea
Cleared to take off - Autorizzato al decollo
Taking off - Decolla

In Flight
Coming from (airport) - Proveniente da (Airport)
Inbound to you for landing - Stestinamento al vostro campo diretto
Estimate in …. minutes - L'atteraggio che stima tra …. minuti
Join downwind runway.... - Riporte in sottovento pista ….
Make a short approach - (Autorizzato) avinciamento diretto
Extend downwind - Allungate il sottovento
Report final - Riporte in finale
Cleared to land - Atorizzato all'atterraggio
I'm landing - atterraggio
Report runway vacated - riportare pista libera
Runway vacated - Pista libera
Request touch and go - Richesta di tocca e reparti

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By Rob P
He'll be too busy flying.

I have flown to Italy GA four times and never had to use anything other than English.

Rob P
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By Iceman
Like Rob, I have flown in Italy on 4 or 5 occasions and have never even had to think about speaking Italian (which I can't). If in doubt, just speak more loudly and wave your hands around a bit.

Iceman 8)
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By Pete L
The only difference I would note is that Italian ATC likes you to be very clear on your intentions, preferably giving an ICAO or airport reporting point.

Once they know what's going on, they seem to be very accommodating.