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I've just had passed on to me an unusual offer

Free hangarage

It appears the deal is that if you'd like to base your aircraft at RAF Cranwell you can do so for free, as long as you will hire/loan the aircraft to carefully monitored members of the flying club there, which you would, of course, become a member of. One understands most of the club members have LOTS of Chippy time.

Please don't shoot the messenger and don't deluge me with questions or objections, this really is 'asking for a friend'

So if you have a Chippy that you feel isn't flown enough and you happen to live miles from bloody anywhere but in reach of Cranwell then drop me a PM. Otherwise, scratch your head and say "That's an odd one"

Rob P
The main issue to look at here is insurance costs. Who's insurance is it going to operate on? If the club are willing to include the aircraft on its group policy then it might be worth considering, although you'll need to ensure your hull is covered to a value agreeable to you. If you are expected to insure it at your own cost for 'all pilots', even if above an experience criteria line then you might find hangarage elsewhere competitive.

Otherwise care and attention to the aircraft is something you need to compromise on. No one will love your aircraft as much as you, so expect some scratches, wear and tear etc for the privilege of your free abode. The other aspect is that the club members will value a Chipmunk for its aerobatic capabilities thereby increasing your fatigue life dramatically. That will cost you a lot in the long term when it's value will be reduced.

Otherwise, go for it!
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Agree - insurance for club uses / including aeros can be good % higher than just a few named pilots . Generally anything flown on a 'club' basis doesn't get the same love as the owner flying it. ( note the generalisation.. not always the case of course)