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By GAFlyer4Fun

Have you tried using the device Compass app and Maps app with a similar route when SD is playing up?
I have seen the Compass app give a sensible heading when stationary at home, and the Maps app can wander the heading so not all apps are using the same sources.

Not seen your problem with an ipad mini or an android phone (and only have SD setup on iphone as backup). Much to the disbelief of the forum I have had multiple devices drop out at the same time and they tend to predict where they are for a while. (I think some apps tend not to show all the drops out so as not to lose consumer confidence. e.g, when driving on a motorway and it reckons driving off road across farm fields, though farm houses, through farm walls, through waterways, all whilst trying to give steering cues back to where you really are or need to be via the nearest junction. That occured most on an android device that I have retired from use :lol: )

There is that special squawk code for gps mayhem in the unlikely event you want to follow the magenta line and steering cues..... 0030
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By stevelup
Give the phone a hard reboot:-

Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
Press and hold the Side button (aka power) until you see the Apple logo.
By GAFlyer4Fun
.... I tried that today with the same make/model device as the Farmer, and did not experience his problem.

It may just be some other random bit of software on the device being a nuisance. Years ago I was on an SD trial with an android phone and having issues that appeared to be unique to my device as the SD team told me they have many happy customers using the same make/model device and android version. Many moons later and numerous updates of stuff including android and SD and it was fine.

It is just a risk we take when having multi purpose devices that we are free to update with any kind of app. One update of anything risks breaking something else. Recent loss of the O2 mobile internet due to third party software update is a timely example that even the big name providers can make mistakes.

The Farmer will be ok, with the backup road map and binoculars at 501 ft to read the road signs. :)