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Rob L wrote:
PeteSpencer wrote: I’ve seen some scrappy paint jobs...,,


You are (were) an expert on many, Peter, I'm sure :wink: , but when it comes to aircraft, leave that to the professionals, eh? :eye:

Chill Rob L or you'll bust a seal.

Peter :evil:
Oldfart wrote:I recently picked up a light aircraft from Hahn, BA to Frankfurt £170. Ryanair €70, unlike some I’m not made of money!!

But you wanted to get to Hahn....if you actually wanted to get to Frankfurt maybe the equation is different...An what didnt you pay for with Ryanair that was included with the BA flight?

Flying Commercial these days isnt simply a matter of "this is cheaper than that" in exactly the same way as choosing which airport to land at in a PA28 isnt about the landing fee alone... But jey, maybe Im alone in looking at the whole deal and its value to me, not just price.

Regards, SD..
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Ryanair engineering and training/flight ops are the bits the work. The remainder as I have said many times before is specifically set up to deter and frustrate any chance of unionisation. Even what unionisation has occurred has allowed O’Leary to divide and conquer, as they are dealing with unions in individual countries peacemeal.

They are not averse to playing dirty. They recently got their backsides handed to them by a Dutch court after they closed the base in Eindhoven following a strike claiming it was uneconomical. Of course, none of the flights changed, they were just operated from outside Eindhoven. They have zero intention of working constructively with unions, nor will they until O’Leary and Eddie Wilson are put out to pasture. Sacking everyone and putting them under time pressure to sign a new contract is another typical tactic.
DarrenL wrote:.. landing with Ryanair at Bratislava (cough) Vienna ...

.. which not that long ago (OK, ~100 years now) were in the same country, and by the standards of that country were regarded as fairly adjacent. They still share a common second language (Magyar: Pozsony and Becs) </history nerd>

Last summer I flew BA shorthaul for the first time in decades, London-Tirane and back (A319/320). I do not know what the scheduled fare would have been because I was on a tour package. No catering, ungenerous seat pitch, adequate but ungenerous cabin crew numbers, cabin announcements (including recorded safety brief) only in English for passengers who, in my judgement, were mostly Albanian. It was very different from my distant childhood memories of BEA London-Geneva (Viscount, Vanguard, Comet, Trident), shorter route but on which a full meal was served, and cabin crew were evidently competent in English and French. The Easyjet service (A320 Birmingham-Inverness and return) on which our Air Cadets went to Camp at Lossiemouth not that long ago was distinctly pleasanter in many ways.

[To allude to the B.. word :roll: : even if the EASA qualifications including Type Ratings of UK ATPLs/CPLs (and Cabin Crew and Engineers) remain valid, might those who hold only UK citizenship need a local Work Permit to be based at a EU airport outside UK ? ]