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It used to be called "Global Warming" and ever since, the weather has been cold, wet and miserable so it has to be called climate change instead. The climate only changes due to human beings, the ice ages being a pack of lies put about by remainers. I shall deeply regret burning a meagre ten litres an hour, wishing instead that I was burning ten times as much.

If all those dinosaurs knew that their rotting forests would make it possible to make so much noise and enjoyment, they would have been very happy dinosaurs.

I REALLY don't care.
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Climate Change as a scare brand is a load of made up tosh that people are just making money from, and gullible people are falling for it.

The climate has always changed and always will. Thousands of years ago it went up much more in a 50 year period than we are experiencing, but people didn’t think to try and make money out of it then because people weren’t so greedy.
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We are also well overdue the eruption of Yellowstone (other supervolcanos exist....and the one near Naples is closer to us than most) and we're also due another big meteor (or Near Earth Object) impact.

The climate debate will be over soon, because we'll finish up using all our fossil fuels to make resin for fibreglass and carbon-reinforced windmills that only last 20 years :lol: .
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Banning wood burning stoves would go a long way to reducing atmospheric pollution; whatever happened to those clean and smoke free 'coals' (actually coke) which were developed before we went over to natural gas instead of using coal gas?
You can be fined up to £1,000 for burning wood or normal coal in a designated 'smoke free' area; I bet a lot of people installing wood burners aren't aware of that.
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TheFarmer wrote:Climate Change as a scare brand is a load of made up tosh that people are just making money from, and gullible people are falling for it.
Consider this, if the Climate Change scientists are:
WRONG and we make the necessary changes, it improves the environment and costs some inconvenience (I won't say costs money, 'cos lots of people will benefit).
RIGHT and we don't make the changes, everybody dies.

You've got to look at the risk/reward

And, YOU aren't the go-to guy on the science of climate change IMO

One thing GA could do, RIGHT NOW, is use UL91 instead of 100LL if able, very few try.
and don't tell me that's not climate change ffs, it's a step, and an acceptance of a benefit that's not ours for very little cost. a journey starts with a single step.

Can we address the Global Warming/Climat Change issue without all humans changing to a vegetarian diet and accepting a lower standard of living? I have no idea. But ignoring it isn't an option.

Maybe we could burn climate change deniers instead of oil? It'd be a first step, as long as the carbon was sequestrated.
I have had no kids, planted 8 acres of new woodland and kms of hedge, so I hope that's some carbon offsetting done, BUT, if human population continues growing exponentially, then it will all have been a waste of time.

Fun fact folks, world population has more or less doubled in 50 years. That's our real problem, not hobby aviation.
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It's hopefully en route to levelling out and the rate greatly reducing, though.

Reduction in poverty, availability of birth control and a reduced requirement for large families since not so many children die are three likely reasons for that. All of them good news.

Plus keeping our elderly population in overheated care homes well beyond their sell-by date..the parents; not the care homes (although that may apply too).

(Yes, I have two of them in that situation, but the NHS insists on keeping them alive :shock: [another thread perhaps] )
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Those who poo poo climate change need to have a think.

Reducing dependency on fossil fuels makes good sense as they are a finite resource, energy conservation is just efficiency and common sense savings by another name. So getting creative about how we generate and consume energy more effectively is just good husbandry.

If mankind is contributing to climate change and its effects are likely to be more extreme weather and rising sea levels, then we need to try and mitigate our contribution and look for ways to adapt to change.

The mantra "climate change has always happened" is fatuous, because ignoring it implies a risk that it will overwhelm significant chunks of humanity and some of those might be my great grandchildren, so get your bloody act together and start sorting it all out :twisted:
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About 300 million years ago the Earth was a lovely warm place with lots of CO2 floating around.

Then it all went wrong, the carbon all got trapped under layers of rock and compressed, made into oil and coal. The whole planet chilled down and we had some pretty major ice ages, the level of the seas dropped, the polar ice caps expanded. Hellish.

Animals and vegetation had to evolve to become smaller to survive. The Earth entered a cold and gloomy time. Cold blooded reptiles could no longer grow big and the hunt for food to heat bodies started. It turned the Earth into an inhospitable rock where you must constantly eat to maintain warmth.

The Earth has had to wait 300 million years for a race to come along with the intelligence to put this right.

We’ve managed to dig up a lot of the carbon and release it again, but there is still a lot to go.

I’m doing my bit to put things right, back to how they were, release the Carbon.

It’s will be a long hard road back to Eden, but I can’t help but feel if we all join together and liberate the Carbon, we can make it.

Don’t listen to the “Cold Earthers”, they want the earth to remain in hospital, join together and we will become greater than the sum of our parts, we will return the earth to how it should be.