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By PaulB
The CAA has published a second edition of CAP1616 “Airspace Design: Guidance on the regulatory process for changing airspace design including community engagement requirements”

To quote directly from the document

The second edition incorporates:
• a revised process for the call-in of an airspace change proposal by the Secretary of State at Stage 5, reflecting new government directions to the CAA
• an updated placeholder for a forthcoming process whereby the CAA will consider and determine proposals for the ‘planned and permanent redistribution of air traffic through changes in air traffic control operational procedure’, reflecting new government directions to the CAA
• clarification of how the airspace change process is scaled, including the description of ‘Levels’
• re-ordering of paragraphs and appropriate wording changes to describe more clearly the three phases of options appraisal in Step 2B and in Appendix E, including a revised worked example in Appendix E, and correcting references to where a safety assessment is required during options appraisal
• adding appropriate references to the CAA’s December 2018 Airspace Modernisation Strategy in Appendices A and F
• updated requirements for complying with new EU legislation on aeronautical data quality in Appendix F
• updated wording to better reflect the current functionality of the CAA’s online airspace change portal
• minor wording changes to improve the clarity and consistency of the document
• updated hyperlinks or cross-references to other documents
• corrections of typographical, editorial or production errors that have
come to light since the first edition.