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By rogerb
I note that Camguard etc have been discussed before however has anyone either any experience or advice on using Camguard or any equivalent with Aeroshell W15W50 in an AEIO 320.
I note the oil mentions: - "The ashless anti-wear additive package provides exceptional wear protection for camshafts and lifters and other wearing surfaces" so is an a further additive beneficial or needless?
I had a chat with the Aeroshell and Camguard people about this at Sun'n'fun a while back. While being a little non-committal to the question, it was heavily hinted by both manufacturers that one would be wasting money adding Camguard to 15W-50.

Camguard's position was "you might as well buy the cheaper oil then add Camguard", and Aeroshell didn't disagree with that, but also said that generally the stuff added to 15W-50 (or the W+ oils?) was quite similar to Camguard but wouldn't be drawn on the question if one was better than the other.
In the days of Mike India additive was put in by maintainer. Upon change of maintenance org we were told it was no longer necessary to add as they used Aeroshell which had the additive already in. They did provide us with a data sheet to confirm and satisfy our group Meister.
The additive was developed for some of the engines going into C172s they had very high camshaft wear, and the additive was effective at doing its job.

For the vast majority of aero engines this is not a consideration and adding it would be of no benefit - especially for engines which are used intermittently, the additive is hygroscopic and therefore the oil will retain more moisture if the additive is used.

Aeroshell does indeed have the additive (or something of a similar ilk) already in it.

There is a video from Shell which gives some great advice on how to manage your engine when you fly infrequently - including how to inhibit it when you fly very little.

Their advice is to fly for at least an hour every week so you evaporate the moisture out of the oil; don't move the prop/engine in-between flying and if you truly fly little, inhibit the engine for the duration of the period of non-flying.
By riverrock
There is an expensive additive LW 16702 that Lycoming expect us to use for O-3XX series and a number of other engines which aeroshell plus already contains ( ... 0plus.html )
Seems sensible to have a contant amount of this being added rather than just at an oil change, so we now use the Plus straight oil. There is little, if any, difference in price (that additive is expensive!).