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By PeteSpencer
Too late: You missed the Bury St Edmunds Christmas market which was last weekend. It is now the second most visited market in the country -edit no it isn't!!

(The German sausage / frankfurter stall is to die for.....) :wink:

Edit for accuracy: It doesn't figure in anybody's top ten market lists :oops: fairy tale put about by local chamber of commerce I guess.

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johnm wrote:Bonn

If you go to Bonn, also look up Siegburg. They have a medieval Christmas market there, with blacksmiths, traditional bread making, medieval singing and dancing and costumes, and when it gets dark, there's no electric light. It's quite special!

If you really want Christmas market fatigue, you can, in a long weekend, take in Dusseldorf, Cologne, Bonn and Siegburg. I usually take the car, and sometimes call in to the one in Bruges as well! ;-) With a bit more time, you can take in Aachen too.

Cologne has quite a few large Christmas markets but they get very busy. Look up the ones to go to before going. I saw last year that Cologne even has a gay Christmas market which was all done up in pink! :shock: :D

Last year I found that the square in Dusseldorf where I used to live (Belsenplatz) now has a Christmas market in it as well, and that's out of the tourist trail so is a bit more relaxed and features a nice wooden pub.

Last Christmas, some of the Cardiff Christmas market food stands stayed until April...
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By rats404
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:Cologne

Having lived in Germany for six months over last Christmas (just outside Dusseldorf), My personal finance director and I went to Aachen, Dusseldorf and Cologne.

Aachen is nice, Dusseldorf is OK, but Cologne is terrific. We are heading back there for three days in a week or so. If you want a real German restaurant, try Gaffel Am Dom just across from the Cathedral. But you won't be short of options for food and drink.