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Video Montage of my Flight journey thus far...
8 minutes of flying thrills!
alot of my goof ups and successes in the Comco Ikarus C 42 Rotax 912 at Ontario Advanced Ultralights in Kingston Ontario Canada.
BTW I do know that I screwed up my power on stall with aileron inputs that actually increased my AoA on the dropping wing making it worse.... yes it is hard to watch.... but it was my first power on stall ever.

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astroguy wrote:below is an interesting video showing what I sort of did.... exactly what you're not supposed to do.... instinct to pick up the wing drop with aileron only increased the AoA on the drop wing inducing a spin characteristic.... like I said my videos are warts and all

What are those nobs doing standing and parking a vehicle just off the runway at 0:35 - it was just luck that the crashing aircraft didn't hit them.