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By davey
I'm not a fan of helicopters, but I must say that is a nice looking machine 8)
By cockney steve
I would add,- Are you sure a" small" bowser will be adequate to feed that? I suppose you could build a big plastic tank onto a stillage and take it for refilling ,as an underslung load :lol:
By Mike Tango
That's lovely, hope you have lots of happy hours going forward. The Gazelle just looks right.

What was in the elongated bump on the top of the cockpit ahead of the intake, some sort of sensor?
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By Flyin'Dutch'
I found a video that might inspire you in your new toy..... :shock:

Makes me feel sick, and I am not even in it!
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By Dave W
Mike Tango wrote:What was in the elongated bump on the top of the cockpit ahead of the intake, some sort of sensor?

The "Gazelle Observation Aid" sat on top of that 'bubble'. It was a stabilised telescope made by Ferranti.

Carl, I am truly jealous. I have some photos of a much younger and slightly (cough) thinner version of myself by a Gaz AH1 on trials that bring back very happy memories.

Actually, I will take the opportunity to post one of them. Not for ego, you understand, oh dear me, no. Simply because it shows the GOA. ;)
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By AlexJR
Having no concept of the running costs of helicopters - how much fuel would she burn an hour in the cruise (which is what speed)?

Stunning machine!
By patowalker
The inclusion of "Come and see Carl's Gazelle" in the invitation to the next Deanland breakfast fly-in will greatly benefit the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance. :)
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By Paul_Sengupta
There's another version of the bump thing which has some sort of fancy infra-red looking mirror thing in it.

As well as a Gazelle, the guys at Bourne Park have a Trabant with one mounted on top! It is painted in the same (dessert camo?) colour and has a large squadron sticker on the side.
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By Flyin'Dutch'
@Dave W

Could you fly these things?
By hielanladdie
Wonderful toy. I flew in the back of these with the 3rd Cdo Brigade Air Sqn out of Coypool in the 70’s

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By Pilot Pete
Very cool Carl.
Lucky you :thumleft:
I absolutely love heli's and the Gazelle is one I've always liked.
Fixed wing keeps me too poor to ever consider rotary. :(