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By carlmeek
A couple of people have asked me what I need the JET A-1 at home for. Here's the answer....

I did the deal today. She's just finishing her annual inspection and she's all mine. Type rating was completed last week at Falcon Aviation (Bourne Park) and I'm insured with Haywards from today.


Just in case you haven't figured out what she is yet, it's a Westland Gazelle AH.1. Ex-Army (obviously) and on a Permit to Fly. This one was built in 1977 (Slightly older than me!).

It's got a Turbomeca Aztazou Turbine engine with 590 shaft horsepower. It's fully hydraulically assisted and is fitted with three-axis SAS (Stability Augmentation System) which is a gyro stabiliser, kind of very simple autopilot.

Am I Insane? probably :-)
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By rats404
The Whistling Chicken Leg! Congratulations! Spent a bit of time in the back of those many years ago, A very fast and nimble heli IIRC.
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By PaulSS
What a great toy :D Most of the few hours I have in helicopters are in the Gazelle and I thought it was a brilliant bit of kit; fast, great viz and fun going into the confined areas around Shawbury. I wanted to get one years ago when the RN sold there's off. If I had lots of money it would have to be either a Gazelle or (more money) a Hughes 500. The rouble with the ex-Army machines is they've never been above 10', so you don't know what they're like at altitude :D
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By helicopterdcr
Lovely machines. I have about 900 hours on them from my time at CFS(H) - their colour scheme's a lot nicer :D . Good luck with yours - they never gave me a problem and are a complete joy to fly.
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:mrgreen: <-- Green with envy but happy for you.

The first helicopter I ever flew in was a Gazelle and a very good friend of mine has this exact aircraft in his log book from its former life. Wow, what a great toy, Santa came early this year.
By patowalker
Well done, Carl. It doesn't seem all that long ago that you were flying a Jabiru microlight.

PaulSS wrote: The trouble with the ex-Army machines is they've never been above 10', so you don't know what they're like at altitude :D

The last time I was near a Gazelle was when the Ecuadorian army slung my hang-glider under one to lift it to our launch site at 12000' amsl. :)
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By Paul_Sengupta
Lovely! I was going to guess Gazelle in the other thread...but I'm based at Bourne Park and see them all the time. ;-)

Interesting that it has the stability system, I was told by Bruce when I flew an RAF one that it was only the RAF ones which had it, the army ones didn't. I flew around firstly with it switched on and then with it switched off.