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By skydriller
So, thats the question...If you needed a 3-axis microlight, which one would you choose, and why?

The proposed use would be a flying group with varying experience levels, from novice/learning to fly, to experienced PPL with medical issues. For this reason 2 seats and tri-gear, rotax power, seem to be the order of the day.

Regards, SD..
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By lobstaboy
A bit more background would be useful! Budget? Type of flying intended?
I'd probably steer away from the usual training school suspects - C42 and Eurostar, and go for a CT assuming I've got plenty of money to spend.
Mid range most people go for a Skyranger.
Cheaper end - can't go wrong with a second hand Thruster or Xair.
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By carlmeek
lobstaboy wrote:
carlmeek wrote:C42. It’s the king. Doddle to fly, haven’t found any vices yet!

Doddle to fly = "boring" in my book to be frank.

I don’t disagree, but He did say for beginners.
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By nallen
Tecnam P92. (Had a go in one in Italy a few years ago, and it was very nice indeed.)
By Nick
Proven as a glider tug with hundreds of hours. If it will stand up to that sort of use normal microlight training will be a doddle. The microlight is the same airframe as the 560kg LAA machine and glider tug. Can be kit build or factory build. About 100 on the register now after about 5 years. That says it all.
I am biased though. :wink:

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By Nick
If I remember correctly, a mounting bolt on the main gear leg on one taildragger, glider tug operating from grass sheared. I think an SB was issued and the bolts were then lifed at 500 hours.

Happy to be corrected though.

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By seanxair
An X'air every time for an easy to fly and land aircraft. May not be the most exciting thing in the world but a great viewing platform and as long as you can use your feet it won't nibble at you never mind bite. Tough as nails and simple.

Slightly prone to bird strikes as they can fly into the back of them :D

Would not hesitate to have another one