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By bilko2
Mine sees other traffic fine. I have not yet tried FLARM or transmitting (I have a mode S transponder). The user interface is not brilliant ... but perfectly adequate, gets the job done and is not needed often.
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By Troubador
Having ordered a SkyEcho on uAvionics website on New Year’s Eve, and had payment taken, I still have to receive any communication or delivery. No response to my contact via their own website after three days... doesn’t give a lot of confidence. Next option is to get the cash back via Visa and consider other EC options. :o
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By skydriller
uAvionix-Ramsey wrote:We are currently building new stock, and making sure we resolve the known issue of disconnects before shipping.

I know I said earlier that someone from the company would hopefully respond to a poster - and thats great - but also it might it be a good idea to communicate the above to those that have placed orders directly ??
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By TexasUK
I've received mine and I'm very happy with it, great piece of kit. Looking forward to some serious testing this summer :)

But your support was awful, lots of unanswered mails asking for an update and no news up to the point of actually sending it, when I got more mails than I had ever received in total.
Nice enough and polite when I did get an eventual answer to a mail and apologetic about delays, but extremely frustrating when you go a month or two without hearing anything.
By skydiver548
Ordered mine on 5th Jan. I've just had an email from them to say that they are fixing the bug with it dropping out of Skydemon. They expect to start shipping again 4th Feb
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By gaznav
SkyDemon website:

Version 3.11.2
French GAFOR area forecasts are now integrated in SkyDemon (iOS, Android, PC)
The display of callsigns next to other aircraft on the map is now optional (iOS, Android, PC)
Previously, callsigns were always display. Now, by default, they are not displayed, but you can turn them on again from the Navigation Options.
A list of recent destinations is now shown in the Create Route window when choosing your landing airfield (iOS, Android)
Improved resilience for third-party GPS and traffic receivers connected via GDL90 protocol (iOS, Android, PC)

I’ve just downloaded the Beta of this and so hopefully I’ll fly with it to see if it helps. Also, I’ve got some Beta software for SkyEcho to try as well. There were 13x software updates for SkyDemon in 2018 either giving new features or fixing software bugs once they become known (or the operating system changes).

Software updates and fixes are common on iPads/iPhones/PCs/Laptops/Skyboxes and so we shouldn’t be surprised that software drops come along for these types of devices and software as well. :thumleft:
It took a little longer than expected, but we believe we've cracked the nut regarding the skyDemon disconnects some users were experiencing. There will be a firmware update released on our web page within the next couple of days, and I'll make another announcement here when it is. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and annoyance this must have caused. It was a tricky thing to track down, as it was not repeatable from the US, and it was not repeatable on the ground - so special thank you to those we recruited flying on our behalf.

Additionally, we are re-starting shipping of those who have placed orders. We held off shipping until we knew we had this corrected - in case there was a hardware issue that would require replacement. All outstanding orders should be shipped in the next week.

Stay tuned for an update when the firmware is posted.
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By UpThere
I've been holding back from ordering one of these until this issue was resolved, but before I do, is there an issue from using it with a basic Mode S transponder? It's been nagging in the back of my mind that I read something in one of the EC threads about this, but I can't find it.

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