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By gaznav
PeteM wrote:
Not trying to stoke flames - just keen to establish the truth rather than conjecture, sales talk and early-adopter bias.

Coming from someone who has been extolling the virtues of a gadget which we cannot yet buy, based upon their advertising and switching off a functional transponder, coming from someone who has declined to buy a proper Mode S transponder and so actually fit into the current ATC arrangements that statement really takes the biscuit!

So I bought my ‘gadget’ a year ago. They gave me their new one for trial that you can buy right now and they started shipping earlier this month. I don’t want or need a transponder as I only ever fly VFR in Class G - I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t. That’s a transponder that you suggest I fit that most people that I share Class G with that have no means of accurately detecting it. Yes, ATC can use a transponder return to give a service in Class G to others but I do not want to spend £2,000 to fit one when I don’t need one to fly - that is 20% of the value of one of my aircraft. So, when the CAP1391 LPAT solution that comes out, supported for use by NATS and the CAA, and one that more and more ATCRUs and aircraft can detect then I suddenly get flamed.

Remind what biscuit I have allegedly taken exactly?
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By Dave W
For those interested, here's one of several media reports on the successful Operation Zenith event.

The above is one of 8 scenarios that took place in the couple of hours of the demonstration. This one is a commercial aircraft parts delivery demonstration from one part of Manchester airport to another, over live taxiways and in conjunction with ATC during the busy weekday early afternoon. Normal CAT ops at EGCC continued throughout.
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