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By berbles
Is it possible to fly to Casablanca from Oxford in one day?

I may need to go to Conakry (in Guinea) again (it’s a long story but it’s work) and I’m bored with the whole Heathrow-CDG-Nouakchott-Conakry Air France food and wine bonanza.

I reckon I can GA it as far as Casablanca before hopping on an Air Maroc job for the remainder. It’ll take longer but isn’t life about the journey, not the destination?

Aircraft: Cessna 182
Cruise 135Kt
Suggested Itinerary Oxford - San Sebastián - Jerez - Tangiers (customs) - Casablanca Tit Mellil then taxi to the international airport for the 7:15pm Air Maroc flight.
Oxford opens at 0630Z, I wonder if this is doable?

Coming back is easy: Oxford is open till 2230.....

No, I don’t have a full IR, just the English Restricted variety (because English clouds are totally different from those weird European clouds...)

Any thoughts? (Apart from the obvious “are you completely mad?”)
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By Flyingfemme
Ignoring the stamina aspect - I don't believe that San Sebastian accept non-schengen arrivals. Shame, it was a ncie little stop going that way.
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That would be a mighty long flight, but obvs not impossible. How much fuel will you have left when you get to Biarritz?

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By Rob L
berbles wrote:...It’ll take longer but isn’t life about the journey, not the destination?...

Any thoughts? (Apart from the obvious “are you completely mad?”)

No, you're not mad at all :D. And you are perfectly right in your interpretation about the journey*. Life is too short not to do it if you have the opportunity. I wish you well; I await the Trip Report :thumleft: .

* My expression is "the joy is in the journey" but I agree with yours.
Try a Greater Circle Route to refuel/customs/toilet/ food etc in the NW Spain area it might be a bit quicker.

The down side is a couple of long over water flights.

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By SteveC
It depends on what time of year. Its a very long flight to attempt. I do UK to Jerez all the time in a variety of aircraft including my Cessna. I normally route in the Cessna Spanhoe-Guernsey-Santander-Jerez and route along the west coast of France rather than flying over the water so it keeps just the Guernsey in and out legs over water. Thats a full days flying to Jerez. When we fly from Jerez across into Casablanca its generally another days flying after you have faffed around. I am based at Jerez and will warn you in advance that you will be sat there for a few hours sorting fuel and customs/immigration before you can move on. Most people tend to overnight in Jerez doing that trip.
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By Awful Charlie
Back in 2005 I managed London-Mulhouse-Habsheim to Marrakesh in the day, with stops at Sabadell and Jerez, but it was nearly 12 hours flying in the day and was a night landing in Marrakesh.
I'd defer to Steve's more recent experience, but my logbook shows a half hour turnaround at Sabadell and 50 minutes at Jerez, in mid-September. The daylight clock will be more against you now, and with the extra distance too, you'll more than likely need the night qualification that you hint you have with the Oxford opening hours comment
By maulePF
Better route is Oxford-Tarbes -Tangiers -Tit Mellil .
Flights Vfr night are not allowed in Marocco.
It is impossible in one day (1300 NM) with a Cessna 182 at this moment.
The last week, I flew Essaouira -Tangiers in the aftenoon , night at Tangiers, then Tangiers-Tarbes (LFBT) (580 NM) and Tarbes - La Baule (850 NM)in one day. with an ultralight CTLSi cruise speed 115 kts.
Tangiers and Tarbes (ppr for customs after 01/10) are very friendly, avgas , customs ,police and flight plan in one hour.
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By Geraint Pinches
I don't think you'll manage it in a day, especially if you need to get to the international airport to catch a 7.15pm flight. I think it just puts you under far too much pressure in the knowledge that you have to catch a scheduled flight on the evening of the same day you leave the UK.

I've done a lot of long distance touring, and have done northern Italy to Yorkshire in an Arrow in a day, but I think Casablanca is just a bit too far in a day. I reckon, comfortably, you could get to central Spain in a day and no further than that at 135 kts.
By berbles
Thanks for all this.

I did Oxford to Wick and back in a (very IMC) day in May (via Perth for fuel both ways) and that actually wasn’t a problem, but much as I suspected, Casablance is not really doable in a day but may be OK in 2 days.

The C182 will do theoretically over 6 hours @ 13USG/hr but my bladder won’t do more than 3 at a stretch. Quite liked the Guernsey routing for Duty Free fuel....

Funnily enough, I went to Spanhoe last month to do some work. A really great little airfield, very relaxed. We need more like that.

If I do the Casablanca run I’ll post it here. Meanwhile, off to Florida next week for some sun and aviation. Temporary Airman’s certificate now in my possession!
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By Dave Phillips
I did Shoreham to Agadir in a day stopping at Salamanca (LESA) for fuel; 7:55 airborne time. OK, Agadir is about 200nm further than Casablanca but we were doing 160kts rather than your 135kts.

The return took slightly longer (9:10) using Malaga and Biaritz.