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Just noticed on FB that the roof blew off the AV8 last Friday. The damage is severe and it'll be closed for some time.

As one of my favourite fly/eat/fly destinations this is bad news. But any disappointment pales into insignificance compared to the impact on the airport, its staff and regular visitors.

They have temporary facilities for a wet etc., so at least there's chance of a brew.

Posted for info as I've not seen much about it around the web.
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By Ridders
Well, I visited Kemble today and can report a very warm welcome and food and drinks being served!

Parking today was on the hard North apron west of the Pumps - there were about 4 other aircraft parked up so after grabbing some fuel I parked the Pup at the end of the line and headed over to the tower to pay landing fees.

The scaffolding is still on the AV8 and work is under way I am told to hopefully have it ready for the summer.


Food is being served by the team from a trailer parked next to the tower and there is a marquee/tent with tables and chairs to sit down and have a chinwag with fellow customers.

There are a couple of portaloos, parked up behind the AV8 as the bogs in the av8 are not accessible.

Food was a good selection of refreshments and items like burgers, fried chicken guojons and chips etc. It’s basic food - but it is available and served with a big smile :D

Image (Flyer Magazine Hi Vis not needed to eat food but advisable when walking airside!)

You can see the tent and back of the van from here, just to the left of the tower:

Looking a bit deserted on the apron by herself:

I reckon we need to support the airfield - so I’m going to visit again and I certainly look forwards to the opening of the AV8 later this year. :thumright:

Hopefully this post might encourage some visits.
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