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A day of firsts...

PostPosted:Sat Aug 25, 2018 10:32 pm
by Lerk
Had my first day trip out today after passing my PPL.
Took my dad and my partner down to Duxford - a great day out.

However I also had another more unexpected first.
Got back to the plane and the pilot of the plane parked next door came to me to apologise for a parking prang.
While pushing his plane back the wingtips collided causing some scratches.

I exchanged name and number with the other pilot and made note of the reg number.
As the damage was only a scratch and occurred under muscle power I was happy enough that there wouldn’t be structural damage so flew back to the planes home base and as it was out of hours dropped a message with a photo of the damage to the rental office - I was extra careful pushing back into the hangar, so peer based learning worked there!

Thinking back this evening I wonder if I should have done more at the scene.
There’s no checklist for post prang actions...