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By GrimReaper
Hi everybody

I'm delighted to be able to announce the date and venue of next year's event, which will be held on Sunday 23rd June at Coventry Airport.

Coventry has long enough runways to satisfy everybody, and the local flying schools have very kindly agreed to curtail operations on the day. We will be hosted in a large hangar, so the ground will be level, which is becoming increasingly important.

You can register for the event as a volunteer pilot by using the attached link, selecting "Aircraft" in the drag down menu:

If you prefer, I'm very happy to receive an e-mail instead, just stating Name and aircraft details (or, indeed "Aircraft unchanged"). I will acknowledge every registration, but am at Lord's for a couple of days this week, so you may not hear from me for a while.

Happy landings everyone :)
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By NDB_hold
Excellent, at first glance this looks possible for me (I couldn’t get the time off for this year as I work on Sundays). Will confirm as currently I am sunning myself on holiday.

Would be nice if Coventry had their IAPs active again but I guess we can only hope! Given in 2017 and 2016 my IMCR was fully utilised...
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By GrimReaper
Just a quick "bump" to remind pilots that the next event is at Coventry on Sunday 23rd June.

Replies are coming back now - I'm up to 96 acceptances and have found half a dozen "new" ones.

If you're not already registered, please drop me a line: graham[AT] If you've flown previously, just confirming no change in aircraft/contact details will suffice.

I'll do my best to find volunteers a passenger, but obviously numbers and mobility are reducing. Existing pairings will not be split up, as you'd expect.

I'm away on holiday from tonight until 4th March, so won't reply until I'm back, but I will acknowledge every registration. Many thanks :)
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By GrimReaper
Good evening everyone, an overdue update on the current state of affairs with just over a month to run until the next event.

The roster is looking in good shape - I currently have 118 veterans due to attend, including 8 first time attendees. The roster is virtually complete, I'm just waiting for a response from a couple of pilots to fill the few remaining gaps.

What that means is if you've registered as a pilot, and not heard from me yet, then I've been unable to find a task for you at present. I'll be writing to each pilot individually before the end of the month, asking if they are happy to stay on the list as standby resource. It's incredibly useful having this spare capacity, because it's not at all uncommon for pilots to withdraw late in the day, owing to illness or tech issues with their aircraft.

I'm awaiting Joining Instructions from Coventry Airport, and will release these as soon as they are available. I'm told that they are at an advanced stage. I am aiming to release the landing slots by the end of the week, so pilots can begin flight planning and veteran communication. We'll shortly be starting work on the landing fee waivers for any pilots who are repositioning for pick-up.

On the day itself, we're scheduled to receive a flypast from the BBMF, who are sending a Hurricane, subject to normal caveats. The Shackleton which resides at Coventry will be open for anybody who wishes to go on board. We are hoping for an engine run-up, but can't confirm at this stage.

We'll be fundraising again to try to offset the costs of the event - you can either buy tickets on the day, or if you're minded to do so in advance, you can find instructions here:

As always, if you have any queries, please fire them at me - either on here, or via e-mail. Let's hope the weather gods are a bit kinder to us this year.
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