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A change in the weather this weekend as something we’ve not seen for a while, low pressure, arrives on the scene. Details below.

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Issued: 1300 hrs, Thursday 26th July 2018

Low pressure passing through Scotland on Saturday taking fronts eastwards with it. Troughs following in the strong westerly flow.
Morning rain across northern and eastern Scotland and eastern England will clear quickly east, although may hold in northern Scotland into the afternoon.
Showers associated with the troughs will be heavy as they pass east and may merge to longer spells of rain, mainly affecting Wales, the Midlands and northern England.
Severe gales are possible along the coasts of the English Channel with strong winds in southern England.
Better weather should push into Ireland during the morning with the showers fading. This better weather slowly edging into England and Wales as the winds decrease, although showers remain in Scotland throughout the day.
Winds W 28-35kt (F7-F8) in southern areas, variable 20jkt (F5 close to the low in northern Scotland), the winds easing from the west later.

Another area of low pressure is expected to be to the west of Ireland on Sunday, tracking northwards. Fronts wrapped around the low will be sweeping north and east through Ireland and then the UK.
Rain, some heavy affecting the whole of Ireland together with gale force winds. The rain then passes through western England and Wales as well as southern Scotland, although by the time it reaches northern and eastern Scotland as well as eastern England it is likely to be turning more patchy.
Brighter weather follows through Ireland and the west and south of the UK.
Winds SW 30-35kt (F7-F8) in the west with stronger gusts, S 20-25kt (F5-F6) in the east although the increase here by the evening.