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Big apologies for the late issue of this forecast, it’s been a little hectic here with much going on with Weather School.

Looking good for flying this weekend, although more cloud in the west.

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Issued: 1300 hrs, Friday 13th July 2018

Fronts affecting the west of Scotland and western Ireland on Saturday. These producing low cloud and some outbreaks of rain, most of it light. The warm front passing east is a weak feature and will bring high cloud.
Most areas are expected to be dry with good spells of sunshine.
Winds variable 10-15kt (F3 occ F4) in the south in the afternoon. Mainly SW 12-16kt (F4-F5) in western Scotland and Ireland.

Very little change on Sunday with front to the west. This gives further outbreaks of rain in western Scotland and western Ireland.
There may be some cloud and a few spots of rain drifting into the Isle of Man and northwest England too.
Elsewhere a dry day with good spells of sunshine and very little change through the day.
Winds mainly SW 12-16kt (F4) but variable 12-18kt (F4-F5) in the south in sea breezes.