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RT (FRTOL) Examiners.... anyone seen and fixed error code 50?

PostPosted:Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:39 pm
by Irv Lee
My FRTOL test software worked fine on two laptops. Suddenly it doesn't, presumably due to a Windows update. During setup, it establishes the normal student/instructor link and then the final stage is start the voice link... this fails with Error Code 50. So I called the man who supplies the software on behalf of the CAA and he has heard of this error, but the "voice part" is from a company who supplied it to him and has gone down the tubes and not left error code documentation.
Fortunately I have two old machines which run down level, so I can still do the radio tests, but I'd rather know if any radio examiner out there has had error code 50 and also found a fix?