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By BrianRoth
I was based on the IoM for a few months earlier this year. I flew via the club at Ronaldsway and found Mark very friendly and helpful, as is the Manx tradition.

I inspected Andreas from the ground. There are about half a dozen aircraft based there. The runway is concrete and in a poor state. There are no facilities and overall it has the appearance of decay. Land there at your own risk.

Jurby is near by and is in private ownership and used for bike/motor racing. I believe the runway is available for emergency purposes, and that the intention is to re-open it to aviation and some point in the future.

The island is compact and has many interesting places to explore. Take your NT or EH membership card as that will get you in for free at Manx Heritage sites. People are generally very friendly. Avoid the bike races such as the TT unless you are willing to pay silly money for accommodation, if you can find it. The only downside to the IoM is that the food is appalling!
By venteux
I can assure you that there are plenty of excellent places to eat on the Island eg No 19 Castletown Golf Club, Bradda Glen Restaurant, The Hawthorn etc etc. Perhaps when you next visit you can try one or all of them out. I'm sure that other forum members can recommend other places too.
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By Flyingfemme
Brian - you have been eating in the wrong places! Manx food is very good; quality meat, the freshest seafood and some good veg. Imported stuff is of variable quality, often older than you would like and frequently in short supply. Don’t shop late in the day......
Jurby will never be useful to aviation again because the prison is a huge obstacle to flying in the area and the runway has been cut in two. Makes a great drag strip though 8)
By EPCboss
Thanks in part to this forum and this thread in particular I ventured over to the Isle of Man and landed at Ronaldsway.
I echo the comments already made about the excellent service from Mark at who provides a really friendly handling operation there.
This was my first major trip after gaining my licence last month and Ronaldsway ATC were incredibly helpful to me as were London Information.
I managed to catch the last day of racing at the Manx GP but even without the racing there is so much to see and do on the island.
I also drove up to Andreas to check out the airfield and as previously mentioned it is in a terrible state. I wouldn't want to risk landing there even though it would be much more convenient as I have family 500yds from the end of the runway.
So thanks everybody for all the information provided. I have been lurking here for a while and absorbing the information so it's nice to put it to good use.
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