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chevvron wrote:There's a massive caravan camp just across the road so the local authority would need a very good reason to refuse PP.

It's not as close as you might think. Literally across the road (IIRC) are allotments and also the golf course and the horse racing flat course (North Denes used to frequently host helicopters ferrying jockeys between courses). The caravan park is Haven Seashore, full of static caravans and is closer to the beach than the airfield...
Best also not to forget the colony of terns nesting there that had the CAA withdraw permission for the Gt Yarmouth Airshow a couple of weeks ago until further mitigation was put in place. That mitigation was an avoid with a radius of 1500m around North Denes Airfield.

All orchestrated by the local RSPB.

That would put the scuppers on your fly-in.
I wonder if, in the light of so many airfields being under threat elsewhere, whether the govt would give a grant towards its purchase?

And whether the local authority might reduce business rates as it would be returning an infrastructure asset to the area?
Pete L wrote:Tried a few calculations but can't make it work at £1.5M. The brochure I think indicated business rates £100K.

Just charge an extra £5 on the landing fee. No one will object to paying a little bit to keep an airfield open. :D :D :cyclopsani:
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Sooty25 wrote:Rateable value is currently £110k of which about 50% is payable, so £55k.

I presume the rental income for the present users of the hangarage has been included.
Obviuosly you'd need some of the hangars for aircraft, but you could still charge an 'extortionate' rate for 'non aviation' useage.