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I was hoping to convert my LAPL to a PPL and gain an IMC this year but this is looking less likely. I have read that the CAA will only issue IMC ratings till Apr 19 but there is no info on what will be issued after this date. Will there be a replacement IMC rating with similar training requirements and privileges that will count towards a CBIR or will it be gone forever?
Who knows what is going to happen. But my guess is rather than sit down and come up with a plan. That tells the industry where they are and how to invest for the future. Nothing will happen till the last minute.

Perhaps I shouldn't of spent 14 grand fitting an IFD440 in my Archer
Irv Lee wrote:@FlightDek Did you get the vdf approach you were hoping for? :wink:

Did a NDB before the test to have it signed off and then an ILS or the test.

Must have done something right as the examiner - He say "Yes". :lol:

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Details are here: ... 16082..pdf
We are currently in an interim period, where the CAA have been given the opportunity to provide a safety case to EASA to keep the IR(r) / IMC rating. In the mean time, they can issue the rating till April 2019.
As others have said - nothing ever seems to happen with EASA till the last minute - and that is normally to extend the time further....
It is worth adding that the submission of a satety review mentioned was a condition of continuance of rating issue until 2019 and does not mean that acceptance of the safety report means anything for the continuance to issue IR(R)s after 30th April 2019. The report was submitted by CAA in 2017 and the situation remains that the IR(R) will not be able to be added to EASA licences after 30th April 2019, although stictly speaking the IMC rating can be added to UK CAA PPLs as long as the CAA wants but that then limits usage to non-EASA / Annex II aircraft and the query about are any such aircraf cleared for flight under IFR in IMC.

I would imagine there will be a rash of new applications, revalidations and renewals around 30th April 2018 to enable flying under IFR in IMC using the IR(R) in EASA aircraft until 31st May 2020!

PPL/IR Europe published this research done last year.
simoon wrote:Surely once obtained it can be revalidated post April 2019 just not issued?

Unfortunately no, not on an EASA licence. Strictly speaking the UK CAA will still be able to issue an IMC rating [note not an IR(R)] to a UK CAA PPL but the only aircraft that you could exercise the priviledges on would be non-EASA/Annex 2 aircraft and I am not sure how many/if any are approved for flight under IFR in IMC.
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