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Bathman wrote:I know numerous people in the past who did it in their permit aircraft.

Hi I'm after some help. I'd like to convert my nppl license to a full easa ppl. I understand I need to do a 10 hour course with an ATO. I own a jodel 120 and would like to do the qxc and extra hours in this with the radio nav and instrument work in an ATOs 152. How did you or anyone you know who has done this manage it?

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By GrahamB
Does it need to be at an ATO? Could the training not be done at a DTO, or even by a CRI using a rented EASA machine for the radio nav and instrument bits (assuming all insurance etc. was in order)?

One thing of course - if we leave EASA on 29/3, all EASA Part FCL PPLs will become ‘national’ PPLs anyway (albeit ICAO compliant, unlike NPPLs).
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By Balliol
Training needs to be with a FI, and in a ATO or DTO. Head of Training will need to assess your aircraft for suitability and include it on DTO paperwork which is simple.