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By A le Ron
Since my last SkyDemon update today, the virtual radar in planning mode plots random altitudes, e.g. Sherburn to Full Sutton at ground level only (despite 5000' being set), and Sherburn to Sandtoft at 5000' only, with no climb or descent. Am I the only experiencing this?
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Check Flight Details for an explanation. Maybe strong wind is affecting the modelling of your flight. Try a different aircraft profile.
Version running on an iPad 3.
The problem occurs with some but not all aircraft profiles, and some but not all route altitudes. Using my twin comanche profile (which has not changed since the previous version) it won't model short routes at 5000' but will model them at lower ceilings, but will allow me retrospectively to raise the ceiling by dragging the line up to altitude where the modelling has failed. Using the profile 'simple aircraft ' it works first time. Bizarre.
I didn’t think we had made a change to that flight modelling recently but if you find the problem persists (ie it’s not current wind conditions doing it) please do send us a route which fails to model and we can look into it for you.
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No, it doesn't. And the same routes/aircraft profile have modelled fine previously. I'm just going to try the same tasks on my PC with an older version of SD. I will also try them on Android.