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Flyer Forum Code of Conduct

At its best, the Flyer Forum continues to be a valuable resource for the General Aviation community

It is a place where flyers of all experience levels can meet to discuss and exchange up-to-date undistorted information, social plans, considered opinion and engagement with the professionals that support us - as well as simply to enjoy good-humoured like-minded conversation.

Sometimes, though, it can stray a little. To try and avoid some of the more common reasons for that, here's our Code of Conduct.

Be nice, considerate and polite.
If you can't make your point without a personal attack, obvious or otherwise, don't make it at all. Beware sarcasm, it mostly doesn't work on the Internet. Don't write stuff that you wouldn't say out loud at a party of friends with young kids present, (if you are inconsiderate and impolite at parties, maybe avoid those too).
No party politics, no religion
We're all masters of self control (probably), but let's not test that with temptation.
No bigotry, racism or sexism
See above (Be nice, considerate and polite). For the avoidance of doubt (and as an example), P.ikey is not an acceptable term.

We'll do our very best to moderate consistently and with a light touch. As I've mentioned elsewhere, the light touch thing only works if posters, where needed, self moderate before hitting send.

At its best the Help & Advice section is helpful, informative and entertaining. At its worst, it causes hugely disproportionate amounts of hassle and stress. I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but to mix metaphors a bit, the plug's not far from being pulled.

We really don't like putting folk on "Moderation" - when each of their posts will need to be approved before it appears- but will do if people continually goad, or break "the rules".

A second time on Moderation will result in a ban - we are sure that won't be needed but just so you're aware!


    Flyer Forum FAQs

    It is not always obvious how to send another forumite a PM. The easiest way to send a PM is to click on the avatar picture (or "No image") for the User you want to contact.

    At the lower right of the pop-up that appears is a speech bubble, which takes you to a PM form already addressed to that user that you can then type into as you wish.

    "PM Stuck In Outbox" - The PM isn't stuck, it's simply that the recipient hasn't read it yet. When they have, your PM will move from "Outbox" to "Sent".

    To protect against spam and other abuse of the forums (we get a lot), new members must have their first few posts approved by a Moderator to ensure that it is a legitimate account.

    This also means that until you have had those small number of posts approved you will be unable to send Private Messages (although you can receive them).

    Flyer Forum Mods have their Usernames shown in BOLD beside their posts. Alternatively you can contact us all simultaneously via 'The Admin Team' User account.

    Every now and again somebody writes a post addressed to the Mods (requesting that we do something, for example).

    This is not the best way to contact us, as it relies on one of us happening to see the post in a timely fashion. (Contrary to popular belief, we don't read every post within minutes of it being written even though sometimes it can seem that way!)

    The best way to alert us to a problem with a post or thread is to use the "Report Post" facility. This can be found under the 'cog wheel' icon at the top right of every post. It is the third item in the drop down menu, highlighted by an exclamation mark. Click on that, with a short message describing the issue and ideally a suggested action, and we should be alerted very quickly.

    If you put YouTube tags around the whole URL like this:
    Code: Select all[youtube][/youtube]

    ..then it doesn't work.

    If you put YouTube tags around just the bit unique to the video (after the "="), it does work - like this:
    Code: Select all[youtube]jeK7NQnulbM[/youtube]

    But simplest of all, if you copy and paste the whole url, but don't use the tags, it works. Like this:
    Code: Select all

    So, in short, either use the whole URL 'naked', or put tags around just the unique bit.

Thanks to CloudHound for providing this guide.
CloudHound wrote:... When you reply [or edit a post] look at the foot of the page. You’ll see this.

Click upload
When you have the url like this
Code: Select all [img][/img]

You are then able, if you wish, to resize.

If the image is too large on the screen, or you get an error message to say that the image pixel width is too great, you will want to resize the image.

Don't worry, that's not complicated either. In those instances, edit the tags around the image URL from the default:
Code: Select all[img]...URL...[/img]

to become:
Code: Select all[rimg width=800]...URL...[/rimg]

Note that "img" becomes "rimg"