Primarily for general aviation discussion, but other aviation topics are also welcome.
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By The Admin Team
At its best, the Flyer Forum continues to be a valuable resource for the General Aviation community.

It is a place where flyers of all experience levels can meet to discuss and exchange up-to-date undistorted information, social plans, considered opinion and engagement with the professionals that support us - as well as simply to enjoy good-humoured like-minded conversation.

Sometimes, though, it can go off the rails. So to try and avoid some of the more common reasons for that, here are some things to consider before you post.

There is also a Code of Conduct to which we expect everyone to adhere.

• Before you react badly to a post, re-read it in context just to make sure it actually says what you thought it did.
    • If you've been to the pub, re-read it twice...
• If posts or threads are removed, know that it is done for the greater good.
• There is no 24/7/365 Moderation rota.
    • Issues will be addressed ASAP, but if you feel you really must say something in response to an attack, a simple "The Mods have been alerted" will do.
    • If that in turn is responded to with aggression, the Mods will take that into account when dealing with the aggressive post/poster.
• If you disagree with a Moderation decision, consider what is best for the forum and community. The Mods will already have done so - It's not all about you.
• If you still disagree, you are welcome to enquire by PM.
    • This should be the exception rather than the rule and you may not receive a direct reply.
• Nobody on the forums represents their employer unless they explicitly say so within the particular thread you are reading. That is unlikely to be a common occurrence.
• Don't assume knowledge. If someone doesn't "get it", that's probably because you might be more clear, or they know less than you. So tell them again in a different way - your experience and knowledge is valuable.
• If you have a conspiracy theory, keep it to yourself.

• Moderators undertake always to consider their decisions justly.
• Moderators decisions will be final.
• Stand your ground by all means, but always be polite and consider the other point of view.
• The following will NOT be tolerated and WILL be deleted:
    • Personal attacks.
    • Posts that may expose Flyer to any legal risk.
    • Any accusatory or offensive posts following a fatal or serious accident. We will assume that friends and relatives are watching.
    • Attacks against a poster because you think they are a representative of their employer.
    • Posts intended solely to bait or stoke the flames.
• Don't say anything you wouldn't say to someone face-to-face.
• Don't react dramatically to offensive or personal posts, however much you may want to defend yourself from perceived attack. Highlight them by all means, but alert a Mod who will address it - quite possibly by deleting the post before it leads to a lengthy fight.
• Don't insist that you must have the last word. It's not all about you.