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By AlanM
Charles Hunt wrote:
Dave W wrote:You're a "Charlie Romeo Echo Romeo".

(ICAO 8643) <Buffs fingernails with satisfaction> 8)

Not that it helps really, other than avoiding "ZZZZ" on the flightplan form. ;)

Very impressive Dave, but you could have got that information from the original post. :D

I was remaining positive by not pointing that out....! :thumright:
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Just to change the subject and take the spotlight off Dave :D ...

the designation for my heli is EXEC and I can't help feeling that it hints a slightly more upmarket machine than the RW is in reality.
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By Rob P
I know what a Focke-Wulf Kurier is (was)

Rob P
By matspart3
If you're talking to somewhere like Gloucester, where there are several Rans based, 'Rans' would be ok, but practically speaking, I'd go for 'microlight' when you're transiting etc. which will give the ATCO a rough idea of what to expect performance-wise.

If you said a 'Charlie Romeo Echo Romeo', most ATCOs would have to dust off the ICAO 8643
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By Pete L
I did start to wonder if it was a running joke on Farnborough Radar the number of times I've been asked what a Breezer is :D. I had wondered if it was for the strip summary so gave them the ICAO designator. I'll stick to microlight in future, even though it isn't one. Perhaps "microlight with aspirations...".
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By kanga
[apologies if I've mentioned either of these before.. :oops: ]

a. on Brize Radar, '90s, aircraft comes up reporting out of Kemble. Very young ATCO voice asks for type. 'Gnat'; 'is that a microlight ?'

b. '60s, in the days when Flight International gave quite a lot of space (including Classifieds space) to low-level GA: 'Roger Bacon' reported that an advertiser had 'phoned in a 'For Sale' ad for a 'Saratoga SP'. Copytaker duly had it printed as 'Stratogasp'
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By Rob P
I heard Lakenheath ask a pilot (who had a pretty duff radio it must be said) three times for aircraft type, to be given the response "Auster".

The next aircraft crossing the zone was given traffic information "A helicopter in your three o-clock crossing east to west height unknown"

Rob P