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By Bathman
And is now called EasyVFR (Basic)

And it's still free.

I like this app as you can get it on android and iPhone. I also introduce it to my PPL students as well.

One feature I particularly like in the new version is when you are about to infringe it now uses a voice to tell you of the danger and what frequency you should talk to. Very nice.

Also apparently even the free version can display aircraft using pilot aware etc
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By neilld
Bathman wrote:And is now called EasyVFR (Basic)
Also apparently even the free version can display aircraft using pilot aware etc

I thought I saw that somewhere so downloaded the latest version but can't see any way of connecting to Pilot Aware.
Have also looked on their website but can see no mention of this feature
neilld wrote:Checked​ this as well. There's no Nav Tools option in Basic (that I can find)


Scroll down to PilotAware/FLARM> Or GDL90> If you have a SkyEcho.

Turn on FLARM or GDL90 and make sure the other settings are correct for traffic device

Not tried using it yet.
By roweda
UK AirspaceAVOID has now been fully updated and released as EasyVFR Basic. There is a UK and a Dutch (NL) version but at the present time only the UK version is available via UK Apple & Play Stores.

All installations of UKAirspaceAVOID will now be automatically updated on their devices.

The design and layout of EasyVFR Basic is a cut down version of the full EasyVFR version.

Amongst the features it supports are:

    Full NOTAM details which can be selected to be displayed on the Moving Map or not as required.

    Full FLARM/GDL90 and PilotAware support. The PilotAware configuration is pre-populated so all that is required is to connect to PilotAware by WiFi, Select Menu>Settings>FLARM/PilotAware Settings, decide if you want to use the FLARM/PAW GPS as EasyVFR GPS (default is On) and tap Use FLARM.

    Custom Moving Map InfoFields are selectable and there is also an option to revert to a Default configuration.

    Via the Menu>Settings>Wearable Settings, spoken instructions can be enabled.

    A LOC tab on the Moving Map gives you your current position and the nearest ATC frequency to assist if unsure of your whereabouts.

    Airspace Filtering to hide airspaces above a certain level. The default is 5000ft but this will automatically adjust if you get within 2000 feet of the pre set level.

    GPX or EasyVFR routes can be shared from other devices and can then be loaded into EasyVFR Basic.

    Breadcrumbs can be selected to display on the Moving Map displaying your track and can be viewed afterwards and loaded into Google Maps or Google Earth.

The websites are currently being updated to support this release, but happy to answer any queries via this forum.
The various display settings are useful, allowing personal adjustment as required.
However, the adjusted settings don’t auto-save, and need re-setting on start up each time.
I believe the old airspace avoid app used to auto-save settings, is this a minor software glitch?
Other than that, well done chaps, I certainly can’t complain about the price.
By roweda
Can't see how to enter a route. Settings/Load Route -import GPX or EasyVFR by using sharing option etc ... ??

If a route is sent to you from another device, e.g. by email you can then select to open that file with EasyVFR Basic and it will be imported and you can then load it. If you email me at: I will send you a route for you to test.

EasyVFR Basic does not allow you to create your own route, you would need to subscribe to the full version of EasyVFR to allow that.

This feature in Basic allows you to load up a free to use app and be able to monitor a planned route (magenta line).
roweda wrote:all that is required is to connect to PilotAware by WiFi, Select Menu>Settings>FLARM/PilotAware Settings

Does this only appear in the menu if you are connected via Wifi to a PilotAware?

I'm not getting FLARM/PilotAware in the menu.

There's no mention of traffic on Google Play.

My software is showing V 3.1.0 (32) on my Android tablet.