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By chevvron
CloudHound wrote:There's 11,000 pages in these documents. What are they planning to do? Bore the Local Authority into submission?

That's my guess, but it's a Development Consent Order Application which goes to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol not to the local planning authority and they only have 28 days to decide, on behalf of the Secretary of State, if it meets the standards required to be accepted for application.
If accepted, there will follow a 3 month period during which interested parties can register.
If rejected, Riveroaks have 6 weeks in which to issue a legal challenge.
I found it on ... ?start=250
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By CloudHound
"It remains a dormant company... Despite the name, this company is no more an airline company than it is a furniture company or a sweet shop."

You'll make more money with a sweet shop.
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By Peter Geldard
Although this is a good announcement, remember that the developers, Stone Hill Park who own the site, have pledged to oppose this next stage vigorously and have allocated substantial money to do so.
" . . . there is (unfortunately) many a slip between cup and lip . . ."
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By CloudHound
There is a tenuous parallel with Wellesbourne.

Although not in terms of DCO but that a local Authority is engaged in pushing back against a housing developer. If the compulsory purchase goes ahead maybe precedent will be set.

The existing land owner will sue for peace only when the money is right. Until then they must pursue development for housing in order to sustain their business.

The irony is that the site is so damn big you could retain the runway and sufficient land for infrastructure and create a substantial settlement too.
By chevvron
Latest from APPG (August 2018 bulletin) is that 'in the last few days some very good news has emerged' regarding the re-opening of both Manston and Plymouth Airports with 'major hurdles' being overcome and 'the future of both now looking promising.'
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By kanga
As someone who made representations on the Local Plan earlier, I have received a notification that its latest iteration includes an amendment covering Manston future aviation use. My very simplistic gist of this is that local council, officers or Councillors or both, are saying ' we don't think it has an aviation future, but change in central Government policy guidance on strategic value of airfields means we have to give proposals for reopening some consideration'; which is at least a little bit encouraging ... 64#9429364