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stevelup wrote:It's a cool and very pretty promotional gadget that demonstrates how busy NATS are, and teaches the general public a little bit about airspace and what NATS do

NATS is not, of course, the only ANSP/ATSP. Neither is it the 'be-all-and-end-all'. It is simply one of a number. There are plenty of others out there...
The aircraft below is a Cirrus at FL100 out of Coventry. The coverage south of Birmingham is not that good, but then again yesterday I could see aircraft in the circuit at Wellesbourne.

Why would the trail from the Cirrus be so incomplete?
One can only assume that the odd poster here is deliberately missing the point of this app for their own reasons. Wha'ever.

Feedback from the target audience, gleaned from other places, seems to have been very positive.
gaznav wrote:Can we have some airspace annotated on it - as it helps orientate what we're seeing?

Open up the dashboard (three horizontal lines top right) and select the airspace button then at the bottom of the subsequent panel select the airspace you want to see.
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vintage ATCO wrote:Very nice but as posted elsewhere, they shouldn't be spending money on this but providing AFPEx to aerodromes at reasonable cost.

As mentioned earlier it is a stripped down version of an app that was already in use within the company. I expect costs would have been minimal.
Finally got to look at it in daylight.

Nice to see G-OEGO flying.

Be nice if it didn't:

1. reset the maximum altitude every time one changes the zoom

2. Rotate the map. Who ever wants a map except north up?

Great fun otherwise. It even shows little grass runways as you zoom in.