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In view of the concerns over engine thefts I do wonder how this will go down in certain quarters. An aircraft could be tracked back to its remote strip and "earmarked" for future theft and sale. GINFO has attracted a lot of criticism and that only shows home addresses.
Just fedback what I see as a bug.

If you restrict the altitude range to, say 0 - 4000ft (e.g. to focus more on GA aircraft and filter out most CAT), zooming the map in or out will cause the altitude range to be reset to the default 0 - 52000ft.

Zooming should not change other settings. In fact, changing any one setting ought not ordinarily affect other settings.
neaton wrote:I was quite interested in that until...

Hope they port it to Android soon!

Why would they bother??
Nil revenue - and they would have to support 1000's of combinations of Android h/w and operating system combinations. A s/w developers worst nightmare - unless of course you are developing a game or similar that will being in huge revenue from the android user community.

("Incoming - Tin hat on - and hiding under the table") :lol: :roll:
Just followed our arrer from Knettishall to Elmsett for its annual, including a brief bimble around Hadleigh: I'll find out about that later.

Landed on easterly runway about 1535 (assuming the very short time lag promulgated is kosher)

Big Brother or what?

I like it incl the ease with which a breadcrumb track can be shared/emailed.

Peter :wink:
Edit: No, I wasn't stalking the pilot,but by an amazing coincidence our a/c was right in the middle of the screen, the very first time I fired up the app after downloading it: I naturally was transfixed as I thought the a/c was going for its annual earlier in the day.....
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I can't workout why some flights have full details and others don't. That said, this flight doing circuits at wellesbourne is absent from FR24

How is the NATS app able to show this flight whereas FR24 isn't?