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NATS have just launched their Airspace Explorer app which is a bit like Flight Radar 24 but with the enhancement of live radar data for the UK rather than just ADS-B. Details here: ... cking-app/

Might be interesting!
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That's on FR24 too but with less detail off the coast. It's only a CAA exam flight anyway - probably an IR test.

When the app was in testing I did point out a couple of tracks which probably shouldn't have been shown (bizjet stuff filtered from FR24 for example) and I think they have now taken that into acccount.
I just started to type this to say that I was disappointed that I couldn't see any of the Waltham a/c that were on frequency - including one or two that radio'd that they were at Woodley at 2300Ft - but still dod not appear.

However just as I was typing the above, G WWAL just took off - and popped up on Explorer at around 350ft. So why are all the others not showing? Surely they can't all have their transponders turned off?

I do think that Airspace Explorer should display altitude as part of the callsign block. FR24 is more useful in this respect.