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By Renoir
I have a FRA-150L with the Rolls RoyceO-240A engine. At this stage I don't have a parts manual and am struggling to find parts for it (specifically anything forward of the firewall).

Does anyone have a manual and is there anyone who specialises in supplying parts? Any information would be greatly appreciated...
By Renoir
Thanks Joe Dell

I appreciate your effort, unfortunately neither are of any help, I have got everything covered regarding the O-240A, and have already spoken to Norvic about it, Norvic only deals with engine overhauls etc.
I'm more after part number for the mufflers, prop (specifically the right hand muffler at the moment). It looks like the part numbers start with the prefix FRA150 -10- (left hand muffler is FRA-10-005-1).....
By aerofurb
Try contacting Busy Bee Aero Engineering at Sibson Aerodrome, Peterborough.

They used to have own a few FRAs and converted some back to O-200.
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By irishc180
I bought the overhaul manual in PDF if you want it. The pn for the prop is an easy one to find. The exhaust is a pain, many modify an O200 one but it's not the same. The O240 is going to become increasingly difficult to live with. I had a complete project FRA150L and sold it, and prob the last O240 bottom end that could be found.
By Renoir
Thanks irishc180

I would appreciate a copy of the overhaul manual. I'm had this 150 for 3 years now as a training aicraft for my flying school, it's a bit of a love hate relationship, love flying it, hating the maintenance issues, they are certainly challenging!!
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By irishc180

Here is the O-240-A overhaul manual.

At the risk of stating the obvious, you have spoken to Dave Bonsall at Netherthorpe? He is the expert on the FRA150 series. I am not sure if I would want to live with the uncertainty of service in an O-240-A. If you have an issue like a spun bearing, prop strike, cracked flange then there are no more cranks, perhaps one or two cases left. The last new stock crankshaft sold for 19k usd or so I heard.
By Renoir
You're not being obvious at all, I am in Australia and have not heard of him and have no idea how to contact him, does he have a company contact? At this stage I have 2 engines, and am not sure whether the 2nd crankshaft is ok. I've contacted Norvic and they have quoted me on an exchange on that engine, don't know what the situation is if the crankshaft is no good...
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