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The situation might have been "Frantic", but unless there's a "Witness" he should be "Presumed Innocent". Luckily, there wasn't any "Clear and Present Danger" so he didn't have to be "The Fugitive". Comments on US forums are simply "American Graffiti".

I think I'll stop there.
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Bob Bevan wrote:Apparently HF found that the previous pilot had left his iPad on board, on which was running SkyDemon. It was the last crew's aid. (bowing of head in shame).

Are you sure he was not distracted by the Nexus 6 with instructions for making a paper unicorn out of his ARC?
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Now witness the power of this fully operational FAA investigation.

public NTSB then Congressional (House and Senate separately) will give some, especially Congresscritturs, opportunity for media exposure which they may be reluctant to forgo .. :)
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Morten wrote:No, that's in a couple of months' time... ;)

The day before my birthday if you were thinking of sending a card! :)

Sorry Bob it is my birthday so I will intercept all the cards. Cos I don't have any friends to send me one. :oops: :cry: :oops: :cry:
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SteveC wrote:Poor old Harrison Ford is in a bit of hot water it seems! Landed on a taxiway over a holding jet!!!

Happened at Gatwick about 20 years ago; professional pilots too. The taxying aircraft had to take avoiding action.
If you study John Wayne Airport, you'll understand how it happened; parallel runways close together and a parallel taxyway which is wide enough to be a runway too; add a bit of 'brain fade' and there you go. Surprised the Tower Controller didn't seem to take any action.
The news guy on Good Morning Britain was a bit over the top though, ranting that 'this guy should never be let near an aeroplane'; what does he know about aviation?